The match was held on the courts of “V. I. Nikiforov St. Petersburg Tennis Club”  on Saturday, June 10.

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Kirillov, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Chairman of the profile commission for physical culture and sport Yuri Avdeev, President of the  Moscow Tennis Federation Yevgeny Panteleyev, President of the St. Petersburg Tennis Federation Vladimir Prokofiev, Honored Coach of Russia, Board member of the Tennis Federation of Moscow Vladimir Kamelzon, as well as professional players, representatives of the Russian Forces, business  veterans of sports.

Pavel Belov, Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport of St. Petersburg city, greeted the audience and enjoyed matches.

– “Match between Moscow-St. Petersburg” in addition to the sports component is aimed to support, develop and strength personal and business contacts, “Pavel Alexandrovich emphasized. – It’s interesting to watch participants on the court. Matches are almost on an equal level. Everyone is in a great mood!

Answering the question about  development of tennis in St. Petersburg, Pavel Belov noted that with each year the interest in tennis is growing, and in this respect the holding of two large international tennis tournaments in St. Petersburg – St.Petersburg Open and St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy, organized by the company “Formula Tennis Hockey”: “Every year more and more Top-10  players come to tournaments, and this is very important, both for St. Petersburg and for Russia. Also I will note a well-prepared PR-campaign of both male and female tournaments, a great composition of players and events for the spectators, with huge thanks to the organizers of these tournaments. And today’s “Match of Cities” confirms that the interest in tennis is not weakening nowadays. ”

This year the participants of the ‘Match of Cities” became even stronger, which shows  that  interest in tennis is growing, business communication and following traditions, cause this event is one of the oldest in Russia, has more than 90 years of history and gathers on the courts of friendly cities not only tennis professionals, but also fans of this sport, representatives of business, political and public communities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“First of all, this is the friendship of two great cities,” said Vladimir Kamelzon, Honored Coach of Russia. – Tournaments are held for a long time and with great interest. And the results of tennis matches, on this event, becomes a surprise for all participants of the competition: St.Petersburg or Moscow wins from time to time. But the most important thing here is the growing interest in tennis by coaches, politicians and businessmen. It is necessary to win! Tennis is a sport where the result is very important. And although there is an opinion that tennis is “chess in motion”, but on the court the game never ends in a draw. You are either a winner or a loser. And tennis is also famous for the fact that there is no concept of “age” in it. Every person, no matter how old he is, can take a racket and go out to the court. Tennis makes business closer. In America, for example, if you like, you will simply be told: “Let’s go play  tennis!” And that says it all.

More than 25 years playing tennis vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Vladimir Kirillov. In today’s match against the team from Moscow, unfortunately, it was not possible to win, but the mood of this from none of the participants of the competition did not worsen, on the contrary, everyone left the court satisfied. By the way, as by an order, the weather also smiled: it seemed such a long-awaited sun in St. Petersburg.

– A great day, wonderful team, great communication and mood at altitude, – commented Vladimir Kirillov. – I like tennis very much, I always play with great pleasure. Here the character is manifested, the dynamics of the game captures, the good mood does not leave even after the loss. The match is traditional, it’s already held for the 26th time, the teams are going to be wonderful, communication pleases, the benefit of the game is great, as not only are you actively resting, but also you start new contacts.

The great importance of communication teams is given by the President of theSt. Petersburg Tennis Federation   Vladimir Prokofiev, giving a considerable role to the spirit of patriotism. According to Vladimir Prokofiev, playing for his city means a lot.

“No one has ever refused to play for St. Petersburg: neither tennis players nor any officials,” said Vladimir Prokofiev. – All, of course, are inclined to win, but personally I treat this philosophically, because for me the main thing in tennis is communication.

Supporting the theme of tennis, VladimirProkofiev summed up: “Tennis ceases to be the sport of the limited people. Every year we build courts, tennis becomes available to people sport. We work systematically with children, young people, we hold competitions. But we can not talk about tennis in St. Petersburg as a sport of “high achievements” yet. Honest, we have no one here to proud about. And all this because the attitude to tennis has changed, first of all, from the parents. Instead of giving the child a professional sport, they develop it comprehensively: two days of music, two – language, two – tennis, and in the end – nothing, because only a little bit. This attitude is wrong. ”

He expressed his observations on the organization of today’s match and the President of theMoscow Tennis Federation Yevgeny Panteleev, sharing his excellent mood and interest in winning: “The mood is gorgeous! You can see yourself what kind of tense matches are going on. A lot of interesting people, strong teams. I got great pleasure from  matches, and each participant brings in his game a certain touch, which causes great spectator interest. ”

This year, according to the press service of theSt. Petersburg Tennis Federation , the “City Match” presents sports delegations consisting of participants competing in the following categories:

– Representatives of executive and legislative authorities;

– Sportmens (male and female);

– Tennis veterans;

– Representatives of art professions;

– businessmens.

All without exception the matches were vivid, the fight was uncompromising and spectacular. However, with the score of the match 8: 8 the outcome of the game was decided in the last match. The victory was on the side of Moscow team with a score of 9: 8.