On September 18-22 on courts of tennis center “Dinamo” «Formula ТХ Junior Open» took place in parallel with women’s tournament ITF Neva Cup 2017. 42 boys under 15 from 12 Russian cities were participating.  

On September 22  tennis players were vying for the trophy.  In the bronze match Ruslan Ziganshin faced Egor Khotchenkov. 14-years-old Egor Khotchenkov from St. Petersburg advanced and got a third place of the tournament. He beat his opponent 7/6(5), 6/2.

Top seed Savva Razvozov from St. Pete and fifth seed Nikita Zavgorodjko from Tula were fighting for thre main trophy on the tournament court. 14-year-old Razvozov, the number two in the RTT boys’ ranking under 15, outplayed his opponent 6/4, 6/1.

In doubles tournament at «Formula ТХ Junior Open» three best duos are: the champions of the tournament are Nikita Zavgorodjko (Tula)/Boris Rogachevsky (St. Petersburg). They beat Nikita Orlov (St. Petersburg)/Dmitry Dolzhenkov (Kursk) in the finals 6/3, 5/2. The bronze went to tennis players from St. Petersburg Artem Salomatov/Egor Khotchenkov.

The winner of the additional tournament among the boys who lost in the R1/16 Vladislav Maskov from St. Petersburg threshed Kirill Markov-Troitskiy straight sets 6/3, 6/3.

After the finals there was an awarding ceremony which was held on the same court. Kirill Markov, the vice-president of St. Petersburg Tennis Federation, Kirill Borschev, the deputy umpire, Diana Chertova, the tournament’s director,  Nadezhda Kuznetsova, the director of tennis center “Dinamo”, Marianna Zhukovskaya, Deputy PR-director of the tournament St. Petersburg Open, and Mikhail Gorelik, the representative of Head congratulated all the winners and finalists of  «Formula ТХ Junior Open». Kirill Markov in his speech thanked all the participants and providers. “I want all the finalists to keep getting more and more  achievements and I wish many victories!  I hope our company, Head, will help you”, – said Mikhail Gorelik.

After the ceremony press-service of the tournament spoke to the winner in singles Savva Razvozov.

Question: Due to the score of your matches this tournament wasn’t really difficult for you, was it?

Savva Razvozov: There are no easy matches, it doesn’t matter who your opponents are; you are still nervous. But I managed well with everything on this tournament.

Q: Finals are an extra pressure. Could you please give some comments on the match?

SR: The first set was tough though I managed to make a break; the game was tight up to the last point. I am satisfies with the way I had managed with my nerves and advanced in the second set.

Q: You were playing with a bandage on your knee, are you injured?

SR: Yeah, I have some problems with my knee, but I don’t know yet what it exactly is.

Q: How did you start playing tennis?

SR: My parents decided I should try playing tennis after they heard an ad on the radio that there is a tennis center in Tver. We tried. And the coach said I was a perspective guy and I had to practice more. I liked tennis too.

Q: Who is your coach you are working now with?

SR: My first coach was Viktor Kuzmich Vorobyov and now I am working with Artemiy Borisovich Chernenko.

Q: What did all you coaches give you?

SR: My first coach gave me everything I show right now. Artemiy Chernenko works on my game style and teaches me how and what to do right.

Q: Is he strict?

SR: He is strict when he wants me to work with my concentration and during my practice.

Q: How can you describe your game style?  

SR: Rhythm tennis.

Q: Let’s try to make a portrait of the best tennis player ever taking different components of the game from different players?

SR: I will take a serve from John Isner, forehand of Roger Federer, backhand – from Andre Agassi, volleys – from Milos Raonic.  Earlier I liked Milos Raonic but when I have changed my game style I became learning more how tennis players of old generation played such as Andre Agassi.

Q: Is it your choice or your coach made you to watch them?

SR: It was my choice to work on my new game style. My coach told me it’d be more difficult.

Q: What is your favorite shot?

SR: Forehand.

Q: Tennis players said it’s tough to combine studying process and tennis. How did you manage to do everything?

SR: I am studying online and trying to follow my school program.

Q: And what about exams?

SR: I am passing all the exams from time to time in my school in Tver and after then continue with practice.

Q: Do you have any victories you are especially proud of?

SR: I am proud of all my victories I can’t chose just one.

Q: What are your goals right now?

SR: I don’t have any exact plans. We just want to try to play couple of ITF tournament, for example, one of them in Vsevolozhsk and after that we will go to RTT Cup, maybe. We are coming to the tournaments not for the victories but to show our game. I don’t follow others, I am just worried about the way I am playing and how good my game is, and whether we are going in the right direction.

Q: What does your coach repeat you every time?

SR: I don’t think he has just one phrase, he is trying to use different versions but with one meaning unless he will see the result he’d like to have.