We offer exclusive hospitality packages which meet the highest standards. Tennis of the highest level, exciting spectacular matches, and the unforgettable emotions you get from sports are brought to you by St. Petersburg Open 2021. You will get the best seats in the sports arena, high quality services, and a great variety of meals and drinks in one of our restaurants.

Irina Kunakova +7 915 679 10 69 st.petersburg_open@mail.ru
The COMFORT hospitality package is an optimal balance between the atmosphere of a sports event and comfort. Offers the best seats on the VIP stand behind the pitchers. Great welcome in the restaurant. The best seats are on the center court in the front rows of the bottom of the stadium.
Premium hospitality package offers you and your guests one of the VIP boxes at Sibur Arena located in a special area on the 3rd floor with the perfect seats to watch the matches. This private area is well suited for private occasions and corporate events. The restaurant staff of the Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg is in charge of the excellent service.
The LUX hospitality package, offers you and your guests to be accommodated in one of the VIR boxes of Sibur Arena KSC, which are located in a designated area of the 3rd floor and have exclusive seats for match viewing. This private area is suitable for private celebrations and corporate events. Superb service from the restaurant service of the Four Seasons Lion Palace St. Petersburg hotel.
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