News10 February 2021
The main draw matches of the ITF MEN’S WORLD TENNIS TOUR – Grand Palace-2 Cup by Formula TX have started

On Tuesday, February 9, matches of the first round of the main draw of the international professional tennis tournament ITF MEN`S WORLD TENNIS TOUR – Grand Palace-2 Cup by Formula TX with the prize pool of 15 000 USD were played at the courts of Tennis Formula in Lakhta.

Third-seeded Evgeny Tyurnev (423rd ATP ranking) defeated the wild card holder Daniil Golubev 6/1, 6/1. In another match two other “free card” holders – Russians Peter Bar-Biryukov and Alexei Abazov – clarified their relations. The score was 6/3, 6/0 in favor of Bar-Biryukov. Czech player Patrik Riekl (669) defeated Russia’s Michail Gorokhov (6/2, 6/2), and No. 8 seeded Russian Ivan Gakhov (498) 6/4, 6/1 defeated his compatriot Alexander Igoshin (633).

Meanwhile Alexander Vasilenko (878), a qualifier from St. Petersburg, upset the sixth seeded Bogdan Bobrov (433) 4/6, 6/2, 6/4, while Martin Krumic of the Czech Republic defeated another qualifier Luigi Sorrentino of Italy 6/2, 7/6 (2). Finally, the second seeded Russian Konstantin Kravchuk (353) defeated the Latvian Karlis Ozolins 6/4, 6/3.

In the doubles tournament, the international duo of Savriyan Danilov (Russia) and Daniel Michalski (Poland) defeated the Russian pair of Mikhail Fufygin/Roman Nashatyrkin 6/0, 6/1. No. 3 seeded Russians Artem Dubrilevny and Alexei Zakharov were stronger than the duo of Alexander Binda-Maxim Ratnyuk: 3/6, 6/3, 10-8. The Vladimir Ivanov (Estonia)-Boris Pokotilov (Russia) pair defeated Italians Lorenzo Bocchi and Andrea Guerrieri (6/3, 7/5). Wild card holders Renat Sabakhutdinov and Vasily Sulima (both Russia) left no chance for the Russian-Belarusian tandem of Alexander Igoshin-Alexander Prudnikov (6/0, 6/1). The Czechs Andrew Paulson and Patrik Riekl beat the No. 4 seeded pair of Alexander Kozbinov (Moldova) and Marat Devyatyarov (Ukraine) 6/4, 6/4.

In the final of the qualification, Belorussian Alexander Prudnikov defeated Russian Semyon Voronin 6/4, 6/0, and in the Russian derby Maxim Ratnyuk defeated Evgeny Filippov 6/3, 6/3.

Meanwhile, Moldovan Alexander Cozbinov overcame Russian Egor Noskin (3/6, 6/0, 10-5) and Italian Luigi Sorrentino defeated his compatriot Lorenzo Bochi 6/3, 6/1. American A. Catanzariti defeated Czech Andrew Paulson (6/3, 6/4) and Italian player Andrea Guerrieri was stronger than Russian Alexander Binda 6/0, 7/6 (1). Finally, Slovak Matich Speck defeated Chad Kissel of the USA (6/3, 6/4), and Alexander Vasilenko of St. Petersburg beat Vladislav Ivanov (6/4, 6/2).

The matches will start at 10.00 am on the courts of Tennis Formula Tennis Tennis Club (Lahta, Petrovskaya av. 4, building 2, structure 1,2). See the schedule of the game day daily on the official website of the tournament (

Also the information about the competitions will be placed in the social networks of Tennis-Hockey Formula (,,, and in the social networks of Tennis Formula TC (,,



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