Tournament Accreditation Policy |

  1. All categories of the participants of the Tournament (players, guests, organizers and staff) must get an official accreditation badge of the Tournament. The applications for accreditation must be sent to no later than one week before the beginning of the Event.
  2. All participants whose application has been approved have to come to the Accreditation Office, fill in the Accreditation Acceptance Form and get their credential passes issued by the Tournament.
  3. All participating players must go through the official accreditation process.
  4. The players are entitled to ask for a reasonable number (2-3) of guest credentials that will be valid during the period of them competing in the event.
  5. Guest credentials shall be issued only after the player’s guest has provided proof of identity and signed the «Player Guest Form». Player Guest credentials do not allow access to the players’ locker rooms and the physio room.
  6. Provision of access to other areas is at the discretion of the tournament.
  7. Participants of all other categories must apply for accreditation in advance and be approved by the Tournament.
  8. Accredited participants may not collect, transmit, and share statistical data relating to the live match scores from the grounds of the Tournament for commercial purposes.
  9. All accredited participants must get acquainted with the rules of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program, and players must also get acquainted with the Tennis Anti-Doping Program.
  10. The received Credential is not to be given to third persons.
  11. The accreditation can be revoked at any time in case of failure to follow the rules of the Accreditation Policy.
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