1. All categories of the Tournament participants, i.e. players, guests, members of the Organizing Committee, and staff, must get an official accreditation badge of the Tournament.
  2. Players, their team members, WTA representatives, officials and non-Russian staff members have to request accreditation online not later than one week before the beginning of the competition: http://www.spblt2021.formulatx.com/
  3. Other representatives of the tournament staff request accreditation through their supervisors.
  4. All participants whose application has been approved and who have confirmed their negative COVID-19 tests, will have accreditation badges prepared for them. The badges will be handed to a company’s representative or their supervisor from the Tournament. Badges will not be handed personally in the tournament Accreditation Center.
  5. Players and their team representatives will receive their badges in the hotel.
  6. All players participating in the Tournament and their team members must be officially accredited.
  7. Accredited participants and members of the tournament staff may not collect, transmit, and share statistical data relating to live match scores from the grounds of the Tournament for commercial purposes.
  8. All accredited persons must get acquainted with the rules of the Anti-Corruption Program, and players must also get acquainted with the Anti-Doping Program.
  9. Personal accreditation badge is not to be passed over to third persons.
  10. The accreditation can be revoked at any time in case of failure to follow the rules of the Accreditation Policy.
  11. In case of any questions, please, send an e-mail to ftxaccreditatio
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